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March 11, 2011 Fukushima changed the lives of everyone living in North America.
In spite of what the media and other talking heads are saying   low levels of radiation   over a long period of time are very harmful.

50 Plus Natural Remedies For Radiation Fallout Protection   clearly outlines in detail what my favorite natural solutions are and why I comsider them to be vital for my health.

Happy Tails is also providing daily thyroid protection for all animals and daily detox in their water.
It's easy, inexpensive and offers them protection from radioactive isotopes, detoxification of parasites and gives them 60+ minerals that every body needs.
What are you doing for your animals since Fukushima?
This is a convenient means to carry this important report with you if you're considering doing some of the same things that we are.
Immediate downloads for:  Kindle, iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac, Blackberry, and Android phones.

2013 Goldendale Mile Marker 28 Fire Video
2011 Goldendale Monastery Fire Video
Note that the wooden grave crosses did not burn.

Here are photos taken of Happy Tails delivering food and of the evacuation center.



Renderers, The - Monsters And MiasmasRenderers, The - Monsters And MiasmasRenderers, The - Monsters And MiasmasRenderers, The - Monsters And Miasmas